On Wednesday, February 20, 2019, at the University Gallery, the Music Center organized a concert Infinite Spaces - an evening of original music. Dalida Grmuša (piano) and Nevena Lepojević (soprano) performed. The concert started at 8 pm.

Dalida Grmuša's music emerges as a natural artistic expression, out of a desire to share it and live it with other people. It arises not only as a need for expression in a certain genre, but as music of the moment and experienced inspiration, so that it has the character of improvisation and free form. At the time of performance, some compositions have their final form, and some are created on the spot, as a reflection of the current atmosphere and inspiration. Music is the greatest value for Dalida, because through her she manages to communicate with her audience on an emotional level.

 Source : www.galerija.kg.ac.rs



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